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[Quick Release] Horween Shell Cordovan - Vintage - Brandy

Sale price$169.95

Strap Width:

A luxurious watch strap made from Shell Cordovan leather by the famous Horween tannery.

Shell Cordovan leather is one of the best quality leathers which has been commonly found in high-end shoemaking. Shell Cordovan is known for its non-creasing characteristics, sheen, smooth and exceptional durability.

The tanning process for Shell Cordovan is incredibly complicated and takes a least 6 months to occur.

Shell Cordovan is a vegetable tanned product and is hand finished and therefore will have variations in colour from each batch of straps.

With use, these straps will develop a beautiful patina over time. This means they can typically develop a more darker, golden brown with usage.

  • Handmade using American Horween Shell Cordovan
  • Shell Cordovan has a natural lustre from within (not from the use of polish!)
  • Sweat resistant lining from Zermatt (the industry leader in sweat resistant lining)
  • Quick release spring bars
  • 304 stainless steel tang buckle (no cost), or change to a coloured tang buckle or deployment clasps from $19.95. View them here

Strap Size

Strap Length

Buckle Width

Strap Thickness


S/M: 120mm x 75mm


19mm S/M: 120mm x 75mm 16mm 2.5mm


S/M: 120mm x 75mm


21mm S/M: 120mm x 75mm 18mm 2.5mm


S/M: 120mm x 75mm




    My Shell Cordovan strap is becoming darker and it's not the same as how I purchased it. Will I be eligible for a refund for this?

    The darkening of this strap is a specific characteristic of this leather. This is known as a process called 'patina'. This effect is something many watch collectors seek as it results in a unique and special strap.

    As this is a characteristic of the strap and not a defect, a refund for this specific reason is not possible.

    [Quick Release] Horween Shell Cordovan  - Vintage - Brandy
    [Quick Release] Horween Shell Cordovan - Vintage - Brandy Sale price$169.95

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